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tv   Headline News  RT  April 19, 2013 10:00am-10:29am EDT

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been identified as one thousand year old. who remains at large his brother twenty six year old to model and of was shot dead by police after a con chase of a family briefly lived in the north caucuses more than a decade ago this is what's happening in the boston area right now in an intense door to door search that could take several hours and live now to all corresponding to and should you can in washington afford the latest updates gannett what more do we know at this hour about the identities of the suspects. the man who is now being cherry so it was identified as dzhokhar for nineteen year old was apparently of cheshire an origin we don't know if it's a russian citizen at this point authorities told journalists that they've been in the u.s. for around ten years he apparently attended school in russia's republic of dagestan eleven years ago we reached out to that school and they told us that dzhokhar spent
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there one year and that his family arrived there from karega stunning two thousand and one here's more about their this family's brief time in russia's republic of kyrgyzstan. rolled into the first green and after just a year he left. his family's from kurdistan there were flu children in sam only to see them to draw in two thousand and one he entered the school and in two thousand and two they left for the u.s. to. authorities have told the media here that the band arrived in the u.s. in two thousand and three approximately at that time their reporter there reportedly us permanent residents it's all very sketchy at this point it's a very fast developing story so we're going to be we're going to try and verify those reports to the suspect who was killed earlier tonight is reported to be
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joker's twenty six year old brother to madeleine sorrow of what more do we know about them while the elder brother who was killed had a you tube page apparently he was very religious there are suggestions that the brothers were influenced by radical islam we don't know whether they received some kind of training abroad or those are homegrown terrorists the bombs that they detonated or pressure cooker bombs experts on terrorism are saying that those have been used by extremist worldwide but at the moment we don't know whether these suspects have any ties with international terrorist networks it's well known that for many years russia's been struggling with sixteen ms school groups in north north caucuses where the boys are said to be regionally from russian authorities have talked a lot about those extremist groups are having ties with a terrorist networks worldwide to the chechen fighters have joined al qaeda linked groups in afghanistan and various other countries but we know nothing about whether
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these two men are acting alone or they had ties with a network of some kind important to note by. a tough. guy and it is again in washington just giving us an update there and obviously we're trying to separate fact from the fiction in this ongoing story not today identities of these suspects were revealed chechen leader ramzan they responded by saying terrorism has no nationality he said that he brothers lost all connection to long ago when they left for america. to do it off last strongly condemned to the. also marathon bombings are saying the chechen people have been greatly saddened by those train blasts that killed three people and injured over one hundred and seventy he added that no act of terror can be justified. of course connection to the marathon blast is an unexpected turn of events with large
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parts of boston sealed off as police search for the last suspect let's get more about that link with our peter lavelle who's here with me in the city peter do the originals of these brothers mean anything at this point well the more we learn the more i doubt if it looks like domestic homegrown terrorism to me ok we don't see it your heart element here we don't see a connection to their homeland so this is a very bizarre story i have to say we have to learn so much more so much information is coming out so we're trying to obviously sift through decipher what's real and what's not and what do you think would drive them to commit such an act against us what it could be here for global ok maybe just because we're looking at the origins of where they came from is motivating how we think to be honest they did say that they did find they have been reports saying that on the you tube page and one of the brothers you two pages the videos of quite radical. they were quite high he was a radical i mean they have
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a connection to the religion but that motivate them we still don't know let's talk a little bit about that homegrown extremism how can the u.s. counter that i mean really an all out society in the wrong way on terrorism that's for sure abroad ok there's so much of it involved inside the united states it's not monitored ok you're right we are talking about hatred of the government people react to it it's unfortunate russia i guess now will be speaking out obviously on russia as my commander was exactly and so now u.s. and russia for once are working together on something which is this global terrorism and we just. from the president of chechnya proof not only. in terms of this manhunt there's going to be quite a lot there's going to take a long period of time for all the facts to come in so everybody can make sense of it did you expect this to be like this did i really expect to be sitting right here in talking about you know i am very very. surprised we have to learn so much more
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all right peter live l. here in the studio with me we're just trying to make sense of all the information we're receiving right now on of the two suspects that. that man hound manhunter that's out there in boston for the second suspect let's get more on this now from political commentator alexander to make last of who joins us from land missile a class of how would you how would the u.s. security apparent dismiss potentially dangerous people migrating into the country after everything the country's been through in the past decade. well i think it was practically impossible to. pinpoint these people because if we talk about the so-called chechen connection well there are so many people moving about moving to america and so on so i don't think the intelligence community could have prevented that to be honest but i think that they are shocked
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because i think that basically the intelligence services were expecting some learn some maybe some not see some white supremacists who got his grievances with the federal government i think that there is a certain state of shock that these two people are connected to chechnya and of course there was you know you tube their website that they had and it was quite revealing that web site i think that they didn't hide the fact that they were chechens that didn't fight to hide the fact that they were terrorists and according to the radio can the conversation between the boston police patrols that was recorded by some of the bloggers they were saying that yes they did post a call in saying we are going to kill people we are going to kill people so they were announcing their intentions now whether this was as a political jihad least many of the messages or was this just rantings
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of basically mentally retarded people and it's difficult to know now because with it we really need to find a tool to learn more facts but i think this incident that's for all some spotlight on the situation the war on terror and the situation generally for example in the middle east and syria in syria will have a very very different approach from the west and from russia russia is saying don't support radicals that you will find that they will turn against it so. point and there will be problems but the western governments are saying no we have to support this people because because of twelve's assad so there is a different big difference of opinion and problem to try to reason and i think that is something that will come up later when we find out more about this incident we know that the two suspects live briefing and then they move to the us does this say
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something about homegrown terrorism and should from the authorities be looking at different ways of off commenting terrorism now. well i think that the american intelligence community is always looking at ways of preventing terrorist acts on u.s. soil and i think basically that was successful if you look at what has been happening and that they were claiming that the program serious terrorist attacks but i think the main problem here is that the. the war on terror across the world in the middle east and elsewhere i think it's not actually conducted in the way that can prevent. more terrorist attacks in the west and the u.s. itself because let's face it some of these people might not be even linked we don't know about these schools but might not be even linked to jihad and still good news ations so groups but they do see what's going on on television they do see what the
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skipping in other parts of the world and don't forget some of these people are just saying well we have to help our brothers here on their own up against on the rocks blah blah blah and they basically become so serious you know that is the most dangerous thing because you can't really catch them you can truly point them out because they're not connected to and you have the groups and that is the danger although i must say if these tools have been posting messages like that on you tube and nobody and nobody paid any attention to that that this quite williams that's quite a strange sense of this this is i guess. i mean you've all said everything that i want to jossy in terms of homegrown terrorism but i in terms of the charges and the changes in the way america is going to deal with you did say that they'll have to look at this closely what do you think if they do happen if indeed they do find the suspect alive and he does i don't know he does go to trial is that likely to happen i mean what kind of punishment are we looking at here. well i think that if he's
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proven to be responsible of course that will be a severe punishment but you know people like that i think these are desperate people i don't think that prepared to give themselves up i think that we'll probably find out that he'll die in the shoot out of something and these are these are desperate people who see that that carrying out these bombings without any remorse without any. without caring for human life they were actually targeting as many people as possible so it's very difficult to predict how they will behave and i think that technically speaking american intelligence services would find it very difficult to you know to find a new soul the sort of warrior sitting there and planing some sort of an attack and especially as you have mentioned yourself this was a so the very primitive bomb the bombs that they were using that then you buy that can do that and across the world authorities have been finding out that there's so
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many ways of making explosives from all the sorts of very easily obtainable substances that. it's it's practically impossible to pinpoint these these people but another thing which should be mentioned here is that america and the west probably should look at the way that they are interfering and getting involved in some of the crises around the world not coming back to syria again now what is going to happen when these groups are going to get sophisticated arms and all sorts of training i mean the rebel groups in syria what is there to prevent them from launching attacks across the world later like we have witnessed from example like you know i kind of was created by the united states themselves to fight the russian forces in afghanistan and later these very same people who were trained and armed and financed by the cia and the weapons against. america. i think this is one
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of the lessons which is coming from this since the americans and the other western governments should be very careful whom they support even if the game for them seems to be a reasonable game. legs and the cost of political commentator they thank you for your analysis and you'll full of thought on this. one too. right. mr alexander this book a lot about the problems of the homegrown terrorism which peter lavelle's cross-talk has actually spoken quite widely about. what do you make of that i think it's very interesting what he had to say because i think people are sympathetic to the the acts of violence that the u.s. and its allies are related to around the world syria is a very good example you i find really remarkable that they're brothers i mean this is a really weird pact isn't it ok maybe they felt really isolated ok i don't know what
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their sympathies were i didn't see those youtube tapes but it's very interesting to me i mean they were under the radar they stayed very under the radar and very interesting. i guess did mention something really interesting that. some of the bloggers said they intercepted the communication between the police and the officials in terms of what they were finding out about these two suspects and they did mention that they did find pows on these social media networks saying that we're going to do this you know what i mean how they're used to such crazy things all the time when they have missed that when in america social media. there's so much going on in terms of looking into what people do it's like rather than let our you know the fighting the wrong war on terrorism that's the problem here how they change it i don't know how do they then tackle homegrown terrorists when in the case of these two brothers maybe you simply can't unfortunately ok vigilantes all by themselves ok this is the big problem with social media as well what you believe
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what you don't believe it's a big problem. it's a tough one. and i'm sure that makes the so much we have to decipher but that's cross talk peter lavelle here with me in the studio trying to make sense of all this information that we're receiving and bring life to you right now journalist paul who specializes in covering terrorism told me that there's a trend in recruiting youngsters he believes the boston bombing suspects were chosen because they had easy access to the u.s. i'm going to operate it. there's a lot of material if you start looking on the internet related to these two young men that suggests that they were quite eighty and eighty and the american society around them and also were radical in their views on islam certainly all the arrests recently suggest that it is teenagers or men in their early twenty's who seem to think they have much more firebrands they don't have families to worry about in the same way as older men they may be a new strategy here because it's quite clear that the united states has been pretty
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successful about keeping al qaeda suspects out of its territory and what i am looking at here is possibly an example of some kind of reciprocal agreement where these two young men of beingness waited to undertake a terrorism act because their access is so much greater than reported in the united states and that is in some ways seen as part of the greater the you know global. radical approach to terrorism which is taking place now. a summary of what we know in the boston manhunt so far the bombing suspects have been named as twenty six year old to milan as a naive and nineteen year old. they are believed to be brothers who spent time in russia's rule caucasus region before their family moved to the united states in two thousand and two the elder brother was shot to did earlier today during a standoff with police right now an intense manhunt is underway in watertown in
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massachusetts for the surviving suspect f.b.i. agents and members of the national guard are involved in the large scale manhunt along with hundreds of police officers going door to door searching for the other suspect it's reported that explosives were found at the location where the men are word traits to along with the pressure cooker similar to the ones used in the marathon bombing a specialist armed police unit is on side and local residents are being warned to remain indoors and not let anyone into their homes or cars. let's talk again to for us who lives in watertown he can tell us more about the manhunt happening where he is the right now. what exactly have you seen so far. so we were all woken up in the middle of the night by reverse nine one one call
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from the police telling us to stay indoors since then you know we looked out the windows we saw police scouring the backyard hundreds of flashlights and we believe that the manhunt is kind of choking in on it on a certain area i'm not sure that they'd necessarily want to know exactly tell broadcast exactly where that is. so we've been at home tense families are huddled around the to their t.v.'s are watching trying to stay up to date we hear choppers flying overhead just a five seconds ago i don't want. to have to lease cruisers are blocking our driveway and and several state troopers standing out there we can't leave the house so the city has been shut down pretty much the areas of watertown and cambridge. there is some news now we're hearing that it's because the suspect now might have a suicide vest and they fear that you know we don't want people to stay indoors in case in writing i can't confirm or deny that news that's the latest we're hearing right now. it must be
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a very intensive situation even for you being locked in at home or what's that like outside on the streets right now painted as a pick that it is it is eerily quiet you look outside we don't see any protests tree and as far as we can tell from where i am always see is the police and troopers at every corner there is a shopping mall also around the corner with a big parking lot of desk where we see a huge concentration of the media police vehicles swat team vehicles and kind of that's where the seems to be kind of a center of operations but other than that everything's dead and quiet and all we hear is the occasional sirens and the overhead choppers so the mood is quite tense especially given the last few days so we've had this tonight a couple two days ago we had a bomb threat at the state house at the sorry the federal courthouse where my son goes to school and obviously the day before that we had the bombing so it's been
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quite a stressful week. how does that make you feel you've mentioned all of the bombings and then the explosion what's that like for you and your family to have to live on that it is very stressful and for those of us who have children where we're constantly worried about the safety and security of the obviously sometimes we feel like this can't happen to us here. but at the same time i think you know in these hard times you're seeing people step up and help each other and the heroics of the day of the bombing at the at the marathon kind of show a little bit of that so you know there was a silver lining the community coming together and to quickly kind of console and help and pick up the pieces for as aware we we know that phrase i've been doing a door to door searches have they have they been chanting your house yet and what does that entail i mean what do they do when they get to your house to vail ski questions data for us specifically they haven't entered our house yet and they're standing right outside but they haven't asked after our talk to us like i said
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there are three three thirty in the morning they did do kind of a detailed inspection day they were on our back backyard in our deck looking behind the bushes and everything but they basically have kind of left people contained in their houses we haven't talked to anyone yet. for as the d.l. an eyewitness from watertown a message to seth where large scale manhunt is still unfolding let's get more now on this developing story from dimitri bobbitt political ad alissa full voice of russia radio station dimitri as much as being a major of these men the links to the caucuses where where they believe live to how important a factor might to speak. when i think there are indeed did surprise for many people that these two man happened to be out of the north of of many places but i think it's not very surprising because actually
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a russian government does want to award about the kind of refugee use of all the kind of immigrants that the united states and west european countries are ready to accept i mean. i didn't interview of these people in europe or in the united states but i read a lot of reports from russian reporters and from western reporters actually interviewing these people and a lot of them did not change their condition their convictions a lot of them are still diehard you swim ists they didn't change after leaving russia and i can easily imagine that a lot of them conceived both russia and the other states parts of the same decadent western civilization and you know in this situation that they can the wage of their jihad not necessarily in a place like syria or iraq but also in the united states why would these men turn on a country which or gave them
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a salem. well unfortunately in many countries there are people who got our siloam in the west that later turned against their hosts and against their benefactors it's enough to remember that i got a laugh i mean you know the fall. more than iran was a political refugee even in france before he came back a civic. you know if you expect any kinds of great you with any kind of. you know thankful feel thinking from these people you are dead wrong most of the jihad. in their convictions they think that they have the right tool of you know to a certain their convictions so they have the right to commit violent acts if only they feel their course and their cause is the creation of the state. well maybe it
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would be an excellent mixed age in north caucasus it could be a universal islamic caliphate but that's their thinking and i'm afraid in boston we were dealing with exactly that kind of thinking so how would you assess then the levels of homegrown terrorism in the u.s. right now. well it's very hard for me to speak from the level of terrorism in the united states i think they're there for many years it was clear that their foreign policy of the united states was at least strange. although russia never made any hostile moves towards the united states since one thousand eight hundred seven probably since gorbachev came to power the letter states continues this suspected rational for. different values and they've always supported groups of sometimes militant islamic groups which challenged
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russia i mean of course president clinton in the beginning did not support the chechen separatist but then if you read their american press all the time and if you read the one certain articles which appeared on the website of the new york times today you can see a lot of simplistic thinking about the song. church on uprising and the islamist groups in the north caucasus and the american used to say that russia was to blame for all these terrorist activities but i don't agree with that i think that russia was actually fighting a real internationally slum as threat in north caucasus at least during the circled war during the second church and war and all the asli. mystic t.v. to north caucasus is not only a threat to russia it's also a threat to the united states or to the road to europe but some cold western countries just refuse to recognize it. to me it's a burbage political analyst for the voice of russia radio network showing his analysis and his insight on the story. some politicians in the us
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congress have seen in this week's tragic events as an opportunity to step up their drive to control the internet the cia s p a bill would allow user data to be shared with government agencies getting around privacy laws it's made it through to the senate but president obama still thought to be wary of signing it off america producer andrew blake has more. aides for the white house actually said that we will recommend the president veto this legislation and set for sharing in protection act it's come under a lot of criticism by its opponents because they say that it does more than what the authors say it does now the authors of cispa they say that this bill will lead to businesses private companies google facebook and many internet provider these companies will be encouraged to share information with the federal government that will be used to track down and monitor and curb cyber attacks aimed at the united
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states computer critics say that it puts too much of americans privacy at risk and that the right safeguards are there people would be safer facing their privacy for a little bit of security when the bill was introduced back in february i believe one of the areas for the second time representative or one of the authors of the bill he said you know we can't have another nine eleven we can't have another terrorist attack it but if we do we will pass any law that needs to happen sure enough another congressman who actually got up and said well look what happened in boston these were bombs sure they weren't digital bombs but the next ones will be digital bombs so we need to come together for the sake of national security and do something and that's exactly why a lot of people have problems with this bill because the people who are touting it the people who are writing it are people that don't really understand the cyber security concerns and there's a lot of concern over who is coming up with this bill who is supporting it and what they actually know about cyber security. incident that this morning saying that you know boston would be reason enough to pass a cyber security bill is laughable to many people. if you just joined us on our
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t.v. here's a summary of what we know in the boston men hundreds so far the bombing suspects have been named as twenty six year old a term aligned with the naive and nineteen year old. they are believed to be brothers who spent time in russia's north caucasus region before their family moved to the united states back in two thousand and two reports are you version that the police are also searching for a third suspect involved in the overnight shooting at mit the elder brother behind the bombings was shot dead earlier today during a standoff with police you're looking at the live pictures right now from that area where police are still asking everybody to stay indoors as the men hound to continue is at watertown massachusetts are for the surviving suspect to the second one that we know of multiple explosions they occurred inside a house where the remaining suspects could be hiding and f.b.i. agents.